Osage Food Products is a broad line ingredient supply company offering a wide range of ingredients to the food industry. Our management team has over 100 years combined experience in the food industry including experience in production, distribution, product development and sales... read more.

Supplying Quality Dairy Ingredients to Meet Your Needs

Are you looking for quality dairy proteins, protein blends, dairy ingredients or milk replacers? The dilemma is irrelevant, because Osage Food can help you! Give us a call at 636-390-9477 or click here to learn more about us.

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Processed Cheese

Pasteurized processed cheese is a cheese made by heating and blending together several natural cheeses...

Processed Cheese
Calcium Caseinate

Calcium Caseinate is a spray dried milk protein powder.  Some characteristics of Calcium Caseinate include...

Calcium Caseinate
Anhydrous Milkfat (AMF)

Anhydrous milkfat is made by removal of practically all of the moisture and nonfat solids...

Anhydrous Milkfat (AMF)
Fruit Concentrates

Fruit concentrates are produced by removing water from the fruit juice during processing. Water is...

Fruit Concentrates
Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is where the majority of the water content has been removed either naturally...

Dried Fruit

Welcome to Osage Food

We’re a broad line ingredient supply company with our primary focus on the dairy industry. We offer a wide range of functional milk protein products and protein blends for the food and nutrition industries. Osage also supplies dairy blends, cheese and milk fat products as well as a variety of custom manufactured dairy products.

Along with our expertise in the dairy industry we also supply a variety of other ingredients for the food industry. Products include ingredients for ice cream, confectionary, bakery, and frozen food manufacturers. Our experience in the industry and our established relationships with manufacturers throughout the U.S. allow us to be a valuable sourcing partner, assisting our customers in finding the products they need at competitive pricing.

As an additional service to our suppliers and customers, Osage has experienced sales professionals who market overstock and liquidation food ingredients as well as further processed food products. Our staff markets products in a manner to bring the highest returns possible for our suppliers.

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Built in 1876, by Robert Voss, this beautiful three story brick building was first used by the Bank of Washington from 1877 until 1880. After the bank moved next door, Voss opened a store named Voss Bazaar. Voss and his family lived on the 2nd floor until he died.

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