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Osage Food Products is an ingredient producer and supply company with our primary focus on the dairy industry. We offer a wide range of whey proteins, milk proteins and protein blends for the food and nutrition industries. Osage also provides dairy blends, cheese and milk fat products along with a variety of custom manufactured dairy products.

Along with our expertise in the dairy industry we also supply a variety of other ingredients for the food industry. Our experience in the food industry and our established relationships with manufacturers throughout the U.S. and the world allow us to be a valuable sourcing partner, assisting our customers in finding the products they need at competitive pricing.

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History of Our Building

building1Built in 1876, by Robert Voss, this beautiful three story brick building was first used by the Bank of Washington from 1877 until 1880. After the bank moved next door, Voss opened a store named Voss Bazaar. Voss and his family lived on the 2nd floor until he died.

After 1910 the location became home to Kruel’s Store, a 5 and 10, which remained there until the mid-1950’s. It was then sold to Robert Miller who rented to the Art Center, who still occupies the lower level to this day.

In 2006, Bill Dickinson, President of Osage Food Products, purchased the building and restored it to its original beauty and uses the upper two floors for his business office.