Confectionery Products

Sell Your Confectionery Products

Here at Osage Food we have the resources and the know how to sell your Confectionery Products fast for you. Osage has experienced sales professionals who market overstock and liquidation food ingredients as well as further processed food products. Our staff markets products in a manner to bring the highest returns possible for our suppliers. Click the button below to get started with selling your Confectionery Products closeout supply.

Sell Your Confectionery Products

Why sell your Confectionery Products to Osage Food?

Osage Food Products works with manufacturers marketing their residual ingredients, raw materials and food products, both retail and foodservice. We purchase ingredients and finished food products that are available due to a surplus, discontinued product, close dated or did not meet specifications.

We market products with complete discretion and confidentiality. Because of our experience and established customer base we can successfully market your branded and private label products to outlets that will not interfere with normal distribution. We are always open to complete disclosure with regards to where we are selling your products.

When handling closeouts we take title to the inventories so you do not have to worry about establishing new accounts for each and every transaction. We also have our own traffic department that handles all shipments, all you have to do is have the product ready to ship.

Confectionery Products

While not limited to candies, they are the most common type of confectionery product, which can be any food rich in sugar. Confectionery wholesalers and candy stores are encouraged to sell their bulk sweets to Osage Foods, including chocolate candy. Some confectionery products include toppings such as coffee cake crunch, color blends, blueberry topping blend and toasted coconut crunch blend.

Confectionery Products Questions and Answers

Do you have specifications for the Confectionery Products you market?
Specifications are typically available for our Confectionery Products.
What other documentation is available on your Confectionery Products?
Typically we have certificates of analysis available as well as kosher certifications if applicable.
Are samples of your Confectionery Products available?
Samples are available for Confectionery Products.
How are your/is your Confectionery Products packaged?
Our Confectionery Products are available in a variety of pack sizes and in some instances we can custom pack to meet our customer’s requirements.
Who is the manufacturer of your Confectionery Products?
The manufacturers of our Confectionery Products vary, based on current inventory.

Why buy your Confectionery Products from Osage Food

Osage Food Products supplies quality Confectionery Products from manufacturers that are being liquidated for any number of reasons. In many instances these products are simply discontinued and still maintain the quality they had when originally shipped. Our Confectionery Products products, while still quality products, are typically available at discounts to current market and allow our customers to take advantage of price breaks, thus improving their profitability.

We make it a practice to provide pre-shipment samples so that our customers may inspect our Confectionery Products to verify the quality as we represented. Complete documentation is available on all of our products sold including certificates of analysis, letters of guarantees and any governmental quality reports that are available. Osage Food Products carries our own product liability insurance for added protection.

Along with our efforts to ensure quality products we also have an experienced and highly qualified support staff. We provide complete logistics services and expert customer service to accommodate our customers’ specific needs. With our recent implementation of SAP software system we have complete traceability on all products we sell and we test our systems with bi annual mock recalls.

We understand the importance of quality products and food safety in the today’s environment and continue to educate our staff on all matters so that we may provide not only quality products that work in your applications but safe products as well.

In many instances if you purchase Confectionery Products from Osage we are able to secure additional supplies for contracting. If you are interested in discussing your Confectionery Products needs please contact one of our sales reps and we will be happy to assist you.

We stand behind our products and we’re here to serve your needs.

For more information or other inquiries, please feel free to call us at 636-390-9477 or send us a email.