Buttermilk Solids

Buttermilk Solids

Buttermilk Solids are a blend of all dairy products to provide cost effective alternative to Buttermilk Powder.  As many products do not require the full protein of buttermilk we offer blends with reduced protein levels in order to help the customer reduce costs without sacrificing functionality.  Buttermilk solids offer a delicate buttermilk flavor and are a free flowing cream colored powder.  Some applications for buttermilk solids would include biscuits, breads & muffins, pancakes & waffles, dips & sauces, and salad dressings.

Osage Quality Assurance

Quality and customer service are key to our success. We take both very seriously. We understand that without our customers Osage would not exist.

When it comes to quality; we have implemented the use of SAP software so we have complete traceability of all the ingredients we sell. We test our systems with bi annual mock recalls as well.

Osage understands the importance of quality products and food safety. We continually educate our staff on these matters. For more information or other inquiries, please feel free to call us at 636-390-9477 or send us an email at sales@osagefood.com

Why buy your Buttermilk Solids from Osage Food

All of our Dairy Powder Blends are manufactured using the highest quality commodity ingredients. Our blends were developed to replace their commodity counterparts as a one for one replacer and offer our customers the savings and quality they need in this competitive market.

We offer Buttermilk Solids and we can recommend which blend will work best for your application. Please call us to discuss your project and let us help recommend or develop a blend for your application. We can be reached at 636-390-9477.